University of Ljubljana

Univerza v Ljubljani

Univerza V Ljubljani, established in 1919, possesses a rich tradition. It ranks as a very large university with more than 63,000 graduate and postgraduate students, approximately 4,000 higher education teachers are employed at the 22 faculties, 3 arts academies and one university college.

Faculty of Social Sciences is the largest multidisciplinary high education institution in the field of social sciences in Slovenia and one of the largest in Europe. It was founded in year 1961. For almost five decades, the FSS has been providing educational and research output in the fields of numerous basic and applicative disciplines. Within the basic disciplines of sociology, political science, communications, journalism and cultural sciences, professors and researchers at FSS contribute to the development of political and communication sciences, international relations, European studies, defence studies, religion and numerous other disciplines.

The Faculty maintains good relations with NGO’s and also hosted several conferences and other activities of organizations engaged in humanitarian activity.

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