04. The PREVIEW Global Risk Data Platform


Learning outcome

After completing this activity, the student will be familiar with the PREVIEW Global Risk Data Platform and the various forms of hazard specific visualisations it offers.


Go to the Graphs' section of the PREVIEW Global Risk Data Platform and look under cyclones. Here you will find, among a number of graphs, a visual representation of the Mortality Risk Index (MRI) for a number of vulnerable states.


The PREVIEW Global Risk Data Platform is a multiple agencies effort to share spatial data information on global risk from natural hazards. Users can visualise, download or extract data on past hazardous events, human and economical hazard exposure, and risk from natural hazards. It covers tropical cyclones and related storm surges, drought, earthquakes, biomass fires, floods, landslides, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. The platform is managed by United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).

Take quiz

Question 11 pts

Which country stands out as the one with the highest level of mortality risk related to tropical cyclones?

Question 21 pts

Now, move on to the graph for floods. In which region of the world are the countries with the highest number of deaths related to floods (pr. million inhabitants pr. year)?

Question 31 pts

What happens if you click on one of the data points (countries) in the MRI graph?

Question 41 pts

Looking at the Mortality Risk Index for earthquakes, which risk group does Cyprus belong to?

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