43. Strategy and The Balanced Scorecard by Robert Kaplan


Learning outcome

After seeing this movie, you will have a first impressions of how to relate the objectives of an organization to the strategy. You will be aware of the fact that organizations will have different objectives and that it is not simply a matter of putting them all together.


Watch two short movies on the Balanced Scorecard:

Find the short movie on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJIdZvX_jbQ 

Watch the video.

After this realize that Kaplan in general mostly focuses on private organizations but how can this model be applied in Non-profit Organizations?

See for this:



Formulating a strategy for an organization starts with the coming up with the main objectives of an organization or in the field of HA for a project. These objectives can be taken together in several ways and Robert Kaplan has developed for this a framework: the Balanced Scorecard.

In the short interview with Dr. Robert Kaplan of Harvard Business School, Kaplan briefly talks about the Balanced Scorecard and his strategy management system.


How are Strategy and the Balanced Scorecard related?

How is in the Balanced Scorecard included that some of the objectives are not directly measurable?

How can the Balanced Scorecard be used for control activities of a project in the field of HA?

Find on the worldwide web at least two articles that criticise the Balanced Scorecard.

Take quiz

Question 11 pts

Previously, Dr. Robert Kaplan taught MBA, he now only teaches primarily executive programmes at a school. At which school teaches Dr. Robert Kaplan?

Question 21 pts

How many years ago was the Balanced Scorecard introduced?

Question 31 pts

The Balanced Scorecard helps companies to manage their performance and implement their strategy. Which type/ what types of measurement(s) is/are used in/by the Balanced Scorecard?

Question 41 pts

What is a correct example of a company that implemented the Balanced Scorecard strategy?

Question 51 pts

What is not a part of the strategy to decrease the risks inheriting the strategy of a company?

Question 61 pts

Which type of organisations needs the Balanced Scorecard the least?

Question 71 pts

Why is it for that type of organisation chosen in question 6 so important to use the Balanced Scorecard? 1. Financial measures are the measure of success 2. Financial measures are not the measure of success 3. Social impact is the measure of success 4. Social impact is not the measure of success Which statements are correct?

Question 81 pts

How can the Balanced Scorecard be used by non-profit organizations?

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