07. Safe Transport of Ebola Patients


Learning outcome

After completing this activity, the student will be able to describe how to safely transport Ebola patients.


Please watch the video “Safe Transport of Ebola Patients” from the IFRC and answer the quiz questions below. 


Epidemics can be a disaster in themselves or a consequence of other disasters. When providing humanitarian assistance it is important to take steps to minimise the risk of spreading of communicable diseases. A key outbreak control measure is isolation and treatment of patients (and suspected cases).

To prevent spreading of the very infectious Ebola virus, patients need to be transported in a safe way from their home to the Ebola/Health Centre. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has produced a short video describing the cumbersome but necessary to ensure that staff working with care of Ebola patients do not themselves catch the virus.

Take quiz

Question 11 pts

According to the video, the team needed to safely transport an Ebola patient is made up of a small group of people. Which people/roles should this team consist of? (Check all that apply)

Question 21 pts

If patient can walk unassisted to the ambulance, it is important that the patient…

Question 31 pts

What is the name of the security clothes worn by health workers who have close contact with Ebola patients?

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