22. Principle of proportionality in attack


Learning outcome

After completing this activity, the student will be familiar with principles of international law mainly implemented in international humanitarian law.


Answer the question in the semi-fictional case below.


The International Committee of Red Cross website includes the IHL customary rules of international law. Please visit the website, and read through the rules stated in first part – principle of distinction in international humanitarian law. Focus on Rule 14, related to proportionality in attack. Afterwards read the semi-fictional case below and answer the questions.

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Question 11 pts

Semi-fictional case: In relation to the ISIL attack in Turkey (of March 20, 2016), the Turkish government asks for UN SC resolution, activating the principle of collective defence as stated in article 51 of UN Charter. The Turkish government together with French and Dutch army would like to use chemical weapons to bomb ISIL targets in Syria.

Read the official press release in relation to the ISIL attack in Ankara and answer, whether the intention of Turkish, French and Dutch armies while planning to use chemical weapons follow the principle of proportionality in attack?

Press release: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/pt/originals/2014/03/isis-threat-turkey-syria-jihadists.html

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