24. Individual status in armed conflict: combatants, non-combatants, direct participation in hostilities, prisoners of war


Learning outcome

After completing this activity, the student should understand differences between distinct statuses, rights and duties of individuals in armed conflict, especially difference between combatants and non-combatants.


Answer how the current state-of-art definition is in relation to taking people as POWs in armed conflict, as detailed in the question.


Definition of prisoners of war was developed through the whole history of the mankind and conflict. Over time, there were huge numbers of people taken into custody during armed conflict and considered as prisoners of war (POWs). Read about development of the term POWs in its encyclopaedic definition and answer in relation to current state-of-art of POWs position in armed conflict.

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The warfare conduct, international humanitarian law and customs in the area of prisoners of war rights was developed since the historical evidence of armed conflict. The current state-of-art definition in relation to taking people as POWs in armed conflict is:

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