39. Anthropology applied to contemporary world issues such as urban refugees


Learning outcome

After watching this series of 6 videos, learners will be able: • to understand roles that anthropologists can play in current world issues; • to approach current issues with anthropological lenses; • to identify social issues of refugees and illegal migrants in Malaysia today; to use resources accessible on YouTube for educational purposes.


For this exercise, we invite you to look at episode 8 ‘Living within Limits’, a series of 6 short videos dealing with refugees’ issues in Malaysia. It is available here.


The University of Queensland (Australia) started in 2014 a series of videos (which were used as well as MOOC) called World101x: Anthropology of Current World Issues.
The aims of this series of video are to challenge the preconceived ideas about anthropology and show how it can take part of a changing world. The videos present ways in which anthropology as a discipline can shed new perspectives on current world issues, from indigeneity to migration and material culture.
Through interviews of notable anthropologists and follow some around the world and into their field to explore the issues, the people they work with and their place in the world, issues such as water scarcity, urban displacement, home making or indigenous identity are addressed.

Take quiz

Question 11 pts

Anthropology of current world issues should be:

Question 24 pts

The main issue faced by refugees is a problem of access to: (tip all that apply)

Question 32 pts

Anthropologists need to: (tip all that apply)

Question 42 pts

Most of the refugees and illegal migrants in Malaysia come from: (tip the two most relevant)

Question 53 pts

Irregular migrants are: (tip all that apply)

Question 61 pts

Most of the refugees today in Malaysia are:

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