Humanitarian Action Professions (HA Professions) works to explore and map linkages between competence sets, qualifications and occupations in the humanitarian sector.

The purpose of the HA Professions is to support:

  • Humanitarian agencies to recruit suitable, well-qualified people who have the competencies the organisation needs;
  • Individuals to develop competencies that are needed in the sector and secure roles that are appropriate to their competency sets;
  • Educators to provide learning opportunities that enable individuals to develop the competencies that humanitarian agencies need.

HA Professions gathers information from humanitarian agencies in order to develop the mapping and understand:

  • How they organise their job functions and how career progression through the organisation happens;
  • How they determine the necessary skills, competencies and qualifications for particular roles;
  • Whether there are differences across offices on how this is done or which guidelines are applied;
  • If and how a mapping such as this might be useful to them.

HA Professions is led jointly by RedR UK and the University of Groningen, with support of the University of Iceland, the University of Iasi and the Sofia University.