Humanitarian Action Recognition (HA Recognition) aims to facilitate professional development of humanitarian workers by promoting the recognition of all types of prior learning (formal, non-formal and informal) and by identifying clear progression routes and learning pathways.

Through a survey among a variety of European NGOs and a collaboration between project partners, HA Recognition works to identify and analyse skills (both general and technical) valuable for and required by NGOs. It also seeks to explore how those skills are appreciated, identified and certified from the recruitment stage and all along a humanitarian career. HA Recognition will offer standardised toolkits and guidelines in order to put forward those required skills for a humanitarian worker. Their aim will be to list and improve current practices in order to facilitate professional growth for individuals working in humanitarian sector.

Expected deliverables of HA Recognition:

  • A study on the current systems and practices for recognition of prior learning (RPL) in the humanitarian and related sectors;
  • Guidelines on the use of the Humanitarian Action Qualifications Framework (HA QF) for the recognition of prior learning;
  • A European toolkit for recognition of prior learning in the humanitarian sector;
  • Identification of clear progression routes and learning pathways for humanitarian professionals.

HA Recognition is led jointly by Institut Bioforce and the University of Deusto, with support of the Palacky University of Olomouc.