EUHAP brings together a community of humanitarian stakeholders representing academia (the 12 NOHA member universities and 9 other European universities), training providers (RedR UK and Institut Bioforce), employers (Aktion Deutschland Hilft) and employees (humanitarian professionals represented by NOHA graduates).

See full list of EUHAP participants below. Click on the participant’s name for more information.


Institut Bioforce, France

Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Germany

RedR, United Kingdom

Project leaders

Project management & coordination
Sophie Borel
NOHA General Manager
Artur Malantowicz
NOHA Operations Manager 

Project leaders HA Professions
Emily Fereday
RedR, United Kingdom
Bastiaan Aardema
University of Groningen, Netherlands

Project leaders HA Recognition
Cristina Churruca
University of Deusto, Spain
Julie Thurière
Institut Bioforce, France

Project leader HA E-learning
Lasse Jensen
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Project leaders HA Map
Sulagna Maitra
University College Dublin, Ireland
Manuela Roßbach & Markus Moke
Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Germany