CERAH Geneva Center for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action

CERAH Centre d'enseignement et de recherche en action humanitaire de Genève

The Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH) is a joint centre of the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute (IHEID). A place dedicated to research, analysis, reflection and training for humanitarian professionals, the CERAH is the humanitarian platform in Geneva’s academic environment.

Drawing on Geneva’s network of international institutions and non-governmental organisations and reasserting the essential humanitarian principles, CERAH’s main goal is to offer a high level educational and research program in the humanitarian field. 

The interdisciplinary and module based teachings given by CERAH combine both theoretical and practical elements in order to improve humanitarian responses. The challenges of present-day humanitarian operations are examined within contexts of armed conflicts, “natural” disasters and social exclusion, with a special focus on the dynamic between emergency and development aid.

CERAH’s interdisciplinary research projects foster critical analysis of the humanitarian sector and humanitarian work, with the aim to improve performance, including necessary reflection on professional practices, the politics of humanitarianism and humanitarian organisations.

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